Translucent Bubble Object Containing Milky Material.

Location of Sighting: Brea, California
Date of Sighting: May 15, 2020
Time of Sighting: 3:58 PM PDT


Description: I have only a Photoshop description because my phone was too far from me for what I was locking my eyes on. I was on a delivery and in a back lot. There wa no one around. The dock area was bounded by a tall wall (about 18 feet) the docks and the side of the building (as seen in accompanied picture). The wind was going toward the docks strong enough that you couldn’t put paperwork down or you’d be chasing it down.

I saw a common everyday bubble a little bit bigger than the size of a Kennedy half dollar. It did not have the typical rainbow glistening effect of a soap bubble. The bubble itself was clear on the outside. So I watched the bubble as a curiosity. There was no bubble blower in sight. It went towards the building on the left from the center of the dock area meandering toward it like bubbles do. I noticed it hadn’t yet popped. So, I got out of my truck to just watch it. I expected it to pop as soon as it hit the building, but it didn’t. It went up it (though not touching it) about three feet and then came towards me bobbing between 5 to 10 feet. It was then that I noticed there appeared to be something “inside the bubble.”

It meandered over to my left and when it was eye level I stepped closer and was about 5 to 6 feet from it. I saw inside it on the lower part a translucent/milky material which I couldn’t determine was organic or some nanotechnology lightweight wafer. Whatever it was, it was inside the bubble. I would have approached it closer if not for the fear it may be some exotic spider bubble or something. I didn’t want to have spider-lings popping all over me.

It then drifted off toward the high wall to the left in the picture completely scaling it. I ran to the other side where there was an alley and saw it go about 100 feet high and drift off about 100 to 200 feet away until I lost sight of it. The entire time the bubble was defying the wind hitting it at a 90 degree angle. It didn’t pop, it defied the wind, ascended a great height and had an unknown material substance in it. It had the resilience of a helium balloon only it was a bubble like a kid would blow.

Now, the two pictures I’m attaching are the trajectory of the bubble in my workspace and a Photoshop sketch. Don’t look too much into making out what’s inside the bubble. I couldn’t tell so I recreated a similar very close likeness of a non-descript material substance with the same appearance. It as kind of a jellyfish material, but could be nanotechology. I don’t know what it was hence it is a UFO. It should have popped, but it didn’t.

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2 Responses to Translucent Bubble Object Containing Milky Material.

  1. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    This is a weird one, but not completely outside of reports about such things as light orbs, fireballs, smallish UFO’s etc. Too bad we don’t have an actual photo. Strange that it flew against the wind.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, I thought it strange that it flew against the wind. The fact that it descended and then ascended is also strange.

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