Translucent Jellyfish Looking Object.

Location of Sighting: Lolo Pass, Idaho
Date of Sighting: July 11, 2022
Time of Sighting: 1 PM PDT

Description: This is very strange. My wife and I stopped to eat a sandwich and rest at the Lolo Pass rest stop on Highway 12 between Missoula and Kamiah. The sky was incredibly clear and deep blue. I was just admiring how awesome the western skies are when I saw a white, translucent jellyfish looking thing in the sky. It was very high. I asked my wife if she could see it and she could not. I was wearing polarized lenses and hers were on top of her head. I handed her my glasses and she was very surprised. She said it does look like a jellyfish. With no polarized lenses it was invisible. When you look through the glasses it was plain to see. In about 15 seconds, it just disappeared. One second it was there, the next second it was gone. I googled jellyfish looking UAP’s and UFO’s. It seems they have been spotted in Russia as well as Brazil. It was as eerie as can be. I was getting my phone out when it just disappeared. I was going to shoot it through my sunglasses with my iphone 13 pro max and hope for the best. I unfortunately got no picture. This is the second UAP I have seen in my 61 years.

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5 Responses to Translucent Jellyfish Looking Object.

  1. Joel Small says:

    Hello sir, Joel Small here. This witness (s) report of the “jellyfish” appearing U.A.P. is more than excellent! The truth be known, this type object has been seen for hundreds of years, and seen all over the world. I clearly remember the mass sighting of a ‘jellyfish’-like U.A.P. over a city in Russia when it was called the Soviet Union. Hundreds of people saw this object actually come down over their city and was said to have caused some damage, and it occurred at night. There were reportedly some photographs taken but the majority of them were not the best as still is the case with pictures of U.A.P.s to this day! I tend to think that these objects might be some kind of atmospheric phenomenon that is not yet known of, or even an unknown kind of living organism that resides in the atmosphere. What do YOU think, Mr. Weatherman?! Anyways, thanks for posting this report!

    • Administrator says:

      Your guess is as good as mine on what these “Jellyfish” UFO’s are. I have enough reports that to justify creating a Jellyfish category in my UFO database. Thanks for your comments.

      • Bob says:

        I do not understand what you are saying? Your quote, “I have enough reports that to justify creating a jellyfish category in my UFO database?” I am not sure what that means? It makes no sense please read what you wrote and reply again. thanks!

        • Administrator says:

          I use WordPress to maintain my site. WordPress generates HTML code. One of the “powers” of WordPress is categories. For example the category “disk shaped” means all disk shape craft can be categorized as such. At the bottom of each report categories are shown. The categories are linked so if you click on disk shape you will all reports of disk shaped craft. I did the same thing with Jelly Fish type craft. It is just a way to “slice and dice” your data. WordPress runs off of Mysequal which is a database engine similar to databases like Oracle or MS Access. Ironically I have had only one Jellyfish type UFO report since I created the category. I had several prior reports, but didn’t create the category until I had several reports. Hope that answers your question.

    • Bob says:

      I thought the same thing about the atmospheric anomaly. Especially since only seen through polarized glasses. Although the ones I read about later in Russia and Brazil were not that way. They were visible to the naked eye. I saw 3 orbs back in 2011 in Breckinridge, Colorado. There were military fighter jets flying around them for over 8 hours. The were people pulled off the road everywhere looking at them. It was on the Denver news and the NORAD and the Airforce base there said they have no idea what it was. There were two white orbs and one silver looking brushed aluminum. They hovered motionless for hours then shot across the mountains out of sight, only to return shortly. It was bizarre and well documented. I called a friend in Denver to tell him about it and he was watching it on the news and had been on the news all day there. When I first saw them I saw the first one and I thought that can’t be the moon, it’s teeny tiny. But that is what it looked like. Then I saw the second one, then the third in a triangle pattern. We pulled off the road and got out celestial binoculars and viewed it with them. There were people pulled off everywhere. We watched at that spot for about 45 minutes and then moved closer. It was mighty strange. That was no weather anomaly it was something either highly classified or not of this world.

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