Transparent Robot-Like Being Emerges From Glowing Green UFO.

Location of Sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Sighting: November 22, 2020
Time to Sighting: From 6:50 to 7 AM PST

10 Minute Recorded Interview With Man Who Saw a Creature Emerge From a Large Green UFO.
Witness Describes His Encounter With Green UFO & Robotic-Like Being.

The witness provided the following description of the above photo of the entity. The photo was converted from color to black and white. I just verified it 100% that this photo has provable eyes with matching features and expressions a frown including cheeks on both sides plus a clear nose as well and a helmet exactly where it should be with perfect symmetry on both sides of the face and head it’s all there. In the color version the eyes are glowing much more clearly exactly where they should be. Maybe your not looking in the right place. The face is where the beard appears just like the ancient Viracocha statue. It is identical. I even have a much larger photo too and the face is there.


Description: A man went to his south window to close the blinds as the sun was coming up. He saw a glowing green light. He ran outside to a parking lot of the YMCA to get closer to the object. The object (light) approached and appeared to change shape as it became closer. As the object approached he thought that it was a large green space ship. It about was about the size of a football field. It was hovering low in the sky, but did not land. He had his cell phone with him and snapped about 15 photos. The above two photos were taken when he first saw the object. Suddenly a robot-like being appeared in front of him. He measured the distance the next day and said that the being was 40 to 50 feet from him. The being was somewhat transparent, but was bipedal and bimodal. The joints of the being appeared to not be connected. The being levitated above the ground. It was almost like it was invisible then it would turn into a being that you could see clearly. Lights were coming out of the robot (being). He felt that the being was communicating with him the entire time.

He has shown the photos to a few of his friends and they are all in awe. He took the photos with a “twenty dollar” flip phone. There were several windows in the craft. He continued to snap photos and turned around and ran back to his house as he was in shock. Some of the photos that he took were of the being. He turned around when he went back to his house and thought that the craft was still in the sky, but the being was gone. The sighting lasted about 10 minutes. Skies were mostly clear at the time of the sighting.

Additional Information Sent by Witness: Good morning William. I just went to the same exact spot the photos were taken at the same time and measured. The being was 148 feet from where the photos were taken. I believe last night my guess was over 40 feet.Please correct this minor error in your report.

The witness stated that it took him about four minutes to walk from his apartment to the parking lot. He then snapped 15 photos in a little over a minute (6:51 AM). The last few photos captured the robotic entity that he saw. He stood there for another 4 minutes looking at the entity and was kind of “paralyzed” and unaware of the passage of time. Then he walked back to his apartment. At that time it was about 7 AM.

Note: The witness comes across as quite sincere and credible in his interview. He recounted a very bizarre experience. Analysis has indicated that the photo that he sent is authentic and not fabricated. More photos may be submitted by the witness. Updates will be made if more information is submitted by the witness.

Update – Dec 2, 2020: The witness has sent the eight of the first nine photos. Two of the photos are shown above. It appears that the object ascended, descended and then ascended in this sequence of photos. The witness took a total of 15 photos. The last photos were of the robot-like entity that descended from the UFO.

Update – Dec 9, 2020 (Radar, Meteorological Data): At the time of the sighting there were scattered clouds at 14,000 in Las Vegas. (The clouds can be see in the photo.) The temperature was 48 degrees, the relative humidity was 35 percent and winds were from the South-Southwest at 4 MPH.

A map of doppler weather returns did not show anything unusual. The radar was in “clear air mode” meaning that the gain is turned up so that the radar will detect more detail. Most of the returns were likely atmospheric particles. Doppler radar is not designed to detect aircraft as the radar beam is narrow. If an object flies through the beam it could be detected.

Update – Dec 13, 2020: The witness viewed another video taken in Las Vegas in 2019. The video was of an object that was “kind of pulsing” like it was changing shape. It adds more gravity to the witness’s report that he saw and photographed something quite unusual.

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10 Responses to Transparent Robot-Like Being Emerges From Glowing Green UFO.

  1. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Admin: The shape of this object is similar to the Gulf Breeze sightings years ago in Florida. In that case, the object was shaped like a children’s toy spinning top.

    • Administrator says:

      This object is not even symmetrical. It doesn’t look like the Ed Walters “toy object.” The object was quite distant in the photos that I have seen. I have not seen all of the photos. There were 15 photos taken.

  2. Observer says:

    The witness may have seen something, but the green ball of light in the photo is clearly an optical artifact caused by taking a photograph directly into the sun. You can even see cloud bands crossing the sun in the artifact!

    • Administrator says:

      The witness saw the green ball. He said that it covered much of the sky when it got close to him. The two photos displayed in the report show the object was ascending.

  3. Denis Brady says:

    So where are the photos of the being? Why not publish them? And obviously the rest of the photo’s, what, about 15 in total?

    • Administrator says:

      Look. If the witness releases the rest of the photos, they will be published. I haven’t seen the photo of the “being.”

  4. Pietro says:

    Very interesting case! Will you also publish the other photos (UFO + robot-like alien)?

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