Triangular Craft Photographed During Thunderstorm.

Location of Sighting: Henderson, Nevada
Date of Sighting: September 6, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:42 PM PDT



Description: Hi this time I shot a craft by accident. I was shooting electrical lightening strikes at 10:42 PM on Sep 6, 2017. My location was at Cornerstone Park in Henderson, NV. I was looking 5 miles south, onto the city of Boulder, NV. Where the lightening was striking. I only have one frame 113 of the craft. I was using a Sony DSLR A350 with a 300 MM lens. My camera settings were: zoomed at 150 MM, F8, ISO 100, used a tripod, shutter release cable and the exposure was 25 seconds.

I contend the only reason I saw this craft is because in the right spot at the same time the lightening struck it and charged the UFO skin up thus illuminating it ultra violet. It’s a triangle shape craft with a head beam on it.

Las Vegas Airport is located 4 miles due West of my location. Was there traffic? Yes. Other aircraft through my previous frames all left a light trace. This frame did not, That is why I suspect, it got uncloaked when the lightening went off. I will research my other photos and look again for that type of theory. I have 2 full days of about 25 strikes in all. I try not to get fried when I shoot these storms. Sometimes it’s a thin line.

Ok help me out. Thanks.

Note: The triangular object could be an artifact and not a real object, but that is speculation on my part.

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14 Responses to Triangular Craft Photographed During Thunderstorm.

  1. Bruce B. says:

    Hello All. I have shot a lot of photos since this incident a few years back. I seen a lot of lens flares from cars, that produce similar images, but none as triangle as this. It was mostly a curved triangle. Now the image you see is lightened up 100 percent, when the real image I shot was a dark as dark and only a small tint of ultra violet, so I tore the image apart and this is what you have. I am on the fence still 50 50, although it was a 25 second photo. When I did the lens flare test, I could not find a source of light that ran through the center of my photograph. (Lens flare test, find the center of photograph and draw a line from the object through the center, looking for a light source. If you meet up with a light source then its a lens flare.) But in a lightning storm that theory may be hard to prove. Oh well back to the drawing board. Thanks for all your comments. I am still looking. Here is a sighting at Area 51 I took in 2020:

  2. Bruce Bradley says:

    Yes My all shots were 25 second time exposures. I didn’t even see this item until post work of each of my images. I lightened up the image when I shot it. The clouds are pure black and only a small section was ultra violet and that caught my eye. I was very excited to see whatever it was. I shot about 40 images that night and I studied all my images. No other frames contains this item. I seriously don’t think it’s a Lens Flare, but who knows?

  3. Henry A. Eckstein says:

    Interestingly, I think you have captured “The Green Lady” recon aircraft!

    I know of its existence, but I always thought it was long and pointy, similar to an X-15 rocket plane. I had NO IDEA that it was actually a large deltoid similar in appearance to the British Vulcan Bombers.

    The large curved delta wing is consistent with a large ordinance delivery vehicle or a large payload carrying system (i.e. for a BIG camera) so it COULD BE EITHER a fancy new Special Ordinance Bomber accompanying the latest tactical bomber design from Northrup (i.e. the B-21) OR it’s a super-high flying recon craft with a giant multi CMOS/CCD chip-based IR/Optical and/or 3D Radar surveillance system.

    Wow! I guess the old designs STILL WORK FINE!

    I am ASSUMING the green glow is a Plasma Sheath designed to foil, absorb or redirect adversary 500 MHZ to 60 GHz RF/Radar and/or Lidar tracking systems OR used to enhance the airflow around the aircraft to increase speed.

    • Bruce Bradley says:


      Thanks for your input. What I don’t get is that each of my frames were 25 seconds long. How does a image appear stationary in a cloud? It had to travel across the cloud. Even I am baffled. I am unsure what it is. It was a nice fine, while looking at my images. I said, hey, what that purple spot? I don’t think it’s a lens flare. I think it might be a TR-3B. Who knows? I looked for images of the green lady. Unless you mean Dragon Lady a U-2 Spy Plane.

      • Henry A. Ecktein says:

        I always thought “The Green Lady” was a long pointy aircraft that looks like a design from the 1960’s such as this one:

        It looks like the craft YOU have spotted is more like this one:

        “The Green Lady” is still very much a secret aircraft taking off from Dryden Lake and/or Edwards Air Force base on it’s usual North Korea, China and Russia border hugging flights, so you won’t find any photos of it online.

        The problem I see is that “The Green Lady” may be TWO aircraft designs developed at different times for the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) within the same SAP/CAP development project.

        SAP = Special Access Program
        CAP = Compartmentalized Access Program

        The TOP photo is probably a 1980’s era design probably initiated by President Ronald Reagan during his push for the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative aka Star Wars) missile defense system. This design needs a carrier aircraft (i.e. codenames SR-75 Brilliant Buzzard/Senior Citizen) and is POSSIBLY two-stage-to-orbit and can probably have gone as fast at 17,000 MPH in near-orbit/low-orbit.

        The BOTTOM image is likely the newer late 1990’s/early 2000’s era sonic boom reducing, drag reduction design for ultra high speed flight. This one is probably NOT using a larger carrier aircraft, AND I would not be surprised to see it being 2x to 3x FASTER than the SR-71 recon aircraft which would put it at around Mach 6 to Mach 9 speeds! It isn’t as fast as the first aircraft but being LARGER it can fit more and better cameras in it and is MORE FLEXIBLE in it’s mission parameters being able to goto lower or higher altitudes as needed. I also suspect it is MUCH CHEAPER to run per flight hour than the first aircraft!

      • Henry A. Eckstein says:

        P.S. I forgot to ask does that mean your CAMERA EXPOSURES (i.e. Shutter speed) was set to a long exposure time of 25 seconds?

        If it was, then you are seeing the residual after-effects of a very real plasma sheath which pretty much confirms that it more likely than not that it really is “The Green Lady” recon aircraft operating out of Dryden/Edwards. I think that is now the only aerospace platform in the US inventory that uses plasma sheathing.

        The newer aerospace systems use even more exotic technologies for moving the atmosphere out of the way and/or for auditory/visual stealth operation.

        Since BOTH designs I outline previously within a 30 year time frame window, this is OLD TECHNOLOGY and they are running the systems for mere cost-savings and availability reasons than any issue with needed super stealth and fast speed.

        They have MUCH BETTER AND FASTER aerospace platforms TODAY than these 20 year old and nearly 30 year old recon aircraft! Only once retired in about 10 to 15 years after they hit their airframe hour limits will you see these birds FINALLY acknowledged in the public eye! By that time the NEWEST QuantumStealth 😉 and hyperspeed birds will have been already flying for 20 years and won’t be made public probably until the year 2050 to 2060!

  4. Observer says:

    It’s an optical aberration of some sort. Look at the colors, blue to green to yellow. It likely formed as the lightning flashed. That’s about a billion times more probable than a cloaked spacecraft from another planet.

    • Bruce B says:

      I kind of like my idea better, but I am also educated and I did send in your idea to a company in England called Edmund Optics Ltd. I am asking their opinion as they deal with optical aberrations in lens. Maybe we will get a true answer someday.

  5. Westcoaster says:

    Perhaps this is the ever-elusive TR3-B?

  6. Barb G says:

    This could also be one of ours. How far is the nearest Air Force base that might be doing testing of new aircraft? With what people are seeing now days you just never know.

    • Administrator says:

      Nellis Air Force is not too far from Las Vegas. Also according to the witness some military aircraft fly in and out of Las Vegas International Airport.

    • Bruce B says:

      About 20 miles true North of my location. I don’t get it unless they were testing a craft under lightening conditions. They were driving directly into the storm. Who knows? I am a realist.

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