Triangular Military Craft Kill Unknown Aerial Lights.

Location of Sighting: Brueno Dunes Near Mountain Home, Idaho
Date of Sighting: June 22 and 23, 2016

Witness Said That Sound Was Similar to the Following Video YouTube):

Description: I saw the same type of lights 2 nights in a row at the Brueno Dunes very near Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB). Before moonrise about 10 triangular military aircraft came up from Nevada with only 1 red and 1 white light on Banked and killed lights right over where we were camping. It was crazy. They were definitely military and were headed towards the AFB. I swear a couple of them seemed to hover, but it was really dark. They did make jet sound, but not like anything I had heard before. I have it recorded.

Note: The witness is referred to a report of  a UFO hovering over the runway by a veteran at Mountain Home AFB in 1977.

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