Triangular Object With 3 Lights Attached.

Location of Sighting: Springfield, Oregon
Date of Sighting: May 3, 2019
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM PDT

Short Video Clip Flying Triangle With 3 Lights.

Description: A man was talking to his wife who was at work “a few streets away.” They both saw a triangular object in the sky that had 3 lights attached. A video and photos were taken of the object. On the video the man remarked to his son: “Look son there is a F*****ing UFO. The man called news outlets, posted the sighting on social media and called a local paranormal investigator. The investigator came out and interviewed the couple and also went to the area where the triangle was sighted.

More Information Provided by Witness: So it actually hovered downwards for a second when I first first saw it and then it kind of went upward and stopped. During the rest of the sighting it stayed perfectly still with no movement sound and very shortly like within a minute of stopping the video all three lights faded to darkness at the exact same time without actually going anywhere. It was like they just hit a light switch and it was dark and that is the last we saw of it.

Note: A check of local weather showed that skies were clear at the time of the sighting. Photo analysis does not reveal a solid object between the lights, but one still can’t rule that out. I found no evidence that the lights were celestial in nature. There were no bright planetary conjunctions.

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