Triangular Object With 3 Red Lights Hovers on Edge of Thunderstorm.

Location of Sighting: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of Sighting: July 20, 2018
Time of Sighting: 11:50 PM EDT

Description: I was taking photos of the lightening storm from my second story balcony with my phone. A red, bright light just… appeared. It was triangular in shape. The only reason I could tell its shape was because when it turned I could separate the three lights from each other. It was hovering at the edge of the storm. I have a clear view of the sky from my balcony. I often set up my telescope to see the night sky. Lightning was flashing all around it, but it didn’t faze it at all. After a couple of minutes, the red lights turned a brilliant light blue. I tried to take photos of it with my phone, but it didn’t show in the view finder. After a couple of minutes the blue lights turned back to red. The lights moved to the left in a rapid movement then floated down behind a building out of view. I waited a couple of minutes. It came back just as before. It was just there. It floated to the right a bit then the red lights turned a bright turquoise. Not only did it change color to a bright turquoise, but it was pulsating until it was a round ball. After a minute it turned red again. It hovered in the sky for about twenty minutes. Lightning was flashing around it the entire time. I watched it for about an hour. It would climb higher in the sky then move lower in the sky. Then it suddenly took off across the sky at an incredible speed and was gone as if someone turned off a light switch. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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