Triangular UFO Emits Light Beam. Strange Dreams Follow.

Location of Sighting: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Date of Sighting: 1989 to 1991
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EST

Description: I just want this to be stated. I am not looking to get any publicity or anything like that. The only thing that I am interested in is if there is anyone that during the time of 1989 to 1991 experienced any UFO sightings or abductions or whatever between Eglin Air Force Base and the Gulf Breeze.

The date on the form is not correct. I don’t recall the exact date.
My dad and I would always watch TV together, but on this day my Dad forgot his glasses upstairs. He asked me to go upstairs and retrieve his glasses so that we can watch the TV show together. I went upstairs to go look for his glasses and I went to his room and I saw a light in the back out of his balcony. Out the back of our house was a forested area. I then went out on the balcony and looked up in the sky and I saw lights hovering there are three of them in a triangular formation very close together. The lights were not close to the ground. I was watching to see where they were pointing the light to and then all the sudden I was hit with the light. The light and engulfed me. Nothing bad happened The light almost like I was switched off and that was that I thought that it might have been possibly some helicopter or something like that. I grabbed my dad’s glasses went downstairs. My dad then looked at me and said why do I need them anymore the show is over so in the period of time that I was upstairs an hour had elapsed and I never returned to give my dad the glasses. My dad then made jokes. I didn’t entice the situation to continue so I just let it be. A couple nights later I went to sleep like normal, but I woke up and I was not in my bed. I was laying down on the table in all white room and there was a doorway there was no utensils or there’s nothing else in the room except for the doorway the table and myself. I recall just laying there closing my eyes wishing that everything would just go away and then I woke in my own bed. At that time I was so scared I urinated all over myself. Every couple days I would go to sleep like normal and reappear back in this room. Some days there will be people inside. They would be very startled that I’m awake watching them they would run at me and then I will wake up in my bed again. Some days I’m by myself until I wake back up in my bed. This went on for a couple years and each time pretty much I would always be scared when I woke up and then end up urinating on myself. My parents were concerned about why was I six seven-years-old old and I’m peeing in my bed. This occurred for a couple years upon moving away from Florida and moving to the West Coast. These dreams completely stopped. I have never had another dream ever again. The dreams literally stopped right after I moved. Hopefully someone will have some information on sightings and that area of Eglin Air Force Base to Gulf Breeze in 1989 to 1991. Thank you

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  1. M. Frederick says:

    In the 90’s I had a repeating dream of seeing a UFO outside through a window. Frightened I would look for a place to hide until one dream I courageously forced myself to watch, hearing the words, help us. The dream stopped after facing my fear, bringing the ability to trust in the higher forces.
    Remember in dreams to meet people/aliens with love, so maybe you could have hugged them to stop your nightmares.

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