Triangular UFO Sighting – Lancashire, UK

Location of Sighting: Lancashire United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: Between January 25 and February 1, 2017
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM Local Time
Description: Hi: I have just been reading one of your reader’s stories about a triangular shaped object flying 200 feet over him when he was on the wharf. It has made me think that a similar sighting by myself and my friend may be the same thing. One night, around 21:30 in Lancashire UK a very rural area surrounded by trees and fields, my friend and I were walking to my house. We were looking up at the sky because we follow the events of Nibiru Planet X. All of a sudden the stars above were blocked out by a triangular shaped object. It was around the time of Donald trump becoming president and the Paranoia about war with China and Russia. My friend and I wasn’t sure what it was, but we thought it must just be a stealth bomber. Except it didn’t have wings and looking at pictures of stealth bombers online nothing looks the same as what we saw. There were very dim lights on it and it made no sound whatsoever. It was also extremely low and I am pretty sure stealth bombers don’t fly that low. In Manchester it would have collided with a skyscraper. After seeing your readers picture it’s prompted me to get in touch with what my friend and I saw. I hope other readers come forward there are strange things in the sky!

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Sorry for the delay I have been a little busy the past couple of days. I have just done a little research into the Trump presidency and the date will have been no earlier than than the 25th January and no later than the 1st February. I am sorry I can’t remember the exact date, but I am positive it was between them 2 dates. I hope it’s a help to you. It was definitely a triangular shaped object, very low above us, barely visible. Like I said in my original email, but for the fact we were looking up into the clear night sky we wouldn’t have seen it. We certainly couldn’t hear it and surely a man made flying object flying so low would be heard. I could be wrong, but there would surely be a slight sound that could be heard in a quiet rural area with not many cars to drown other sounds out. There are many stories of people in the area and surrounding areas seeing strange things in the sky from fast objects moving erratically to strange orange balls I live in the middle of the Pennines in the UK. It’s an area of valleys, moors, rivers and hills. If there is anything else you would like to know, just let me know.

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