UFO Drone & Alien Set Up Portal.

Location of Sighting: Beaverton, Oregon
Date of Sighting: December 25, 2020
Time of Sighting: 3:30 AM PST


Description: I saw a UFO drone and aliens set up a portal. I took pictures from outside the portal which is by my bedroom window. The aliens followed me downtown and last night (Dec 27) they landed on the roof above my room.

Note: The witness took several photos. Only one of the photos is shown in this report. One of the photos of the “alleged” portal is shown. The witness took photos of hooded figures looking into his room and of an alien beaming down. The photo of the alleged portal is shown above. The other photos are out of focus making it difficult to discern any detail.

This is an unusual report and one that is hard to believe. I leave it up to the readers to make up their own minds. The information sent by the witness is presented in this report.

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  1. Frank Barone says:

    I would need more information about the camera being used to be certain about this, but I believe this light anomaly is caused by a few different things that have to do with how this was taken, and with what objects you can not see that are out of frame nearby. Glass windows or a mirrors could create this effect, as well as a cheap camera lens.

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