UFO/Drones With Bobbing Motion Observed Through Binoculars.

Location of Sighting: Portage, Indiana
Date of Sighting: October 15, 2018
Time of Sighting: 6:30 PM CDT



Description: It is getting dark at 6:30 PM this time of year so I am observing my UFO friends earlier. (I first noticed one in July of this year.) I observed UFO/Drones out the front and back windows with my 10×50 binoculars, the front one being more distant and thus less interesting. About 6:48 PM I noticed a brightly lit small plane approaching the back window UFO position so I watched as it flew by directly behind and above the small UFO. This was interesting because it confirmed that the object was indeed as close to me as I suspected. As I noted in my earlier observations I estimated the UFO to be about 10 feet in diameter, so I would estimate the object to be less than 1,000 yards away and about 450 feet high at the time. And, the only discernible movement was a slow bobbing around in random directions as if correcting for the high winds we were having.

During a TV commercial, bath room break, about 7:30 PM I noted that the object was a little closer, and the round cluster of lights more apparent, but it was behind some tree top branches. So I went out into the backyard with my “iPad” camera to get a better view and took 13 pictures that turned out dim and fuzzy, but do show a circle of lights. It was better viewed with the naked eye.

I believe this object has been in the air every night since early July between the Prairie Duneland Bike Trail and Lute Road where there are houses closer than mine to it, so I would think someone else must have noticed this thing by now. However it is so brightly lite up that at a glance they must assume it is a plane.

Note: The witness likely took a photo of an out of focus planet or star.

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