UFO Sighted Over Medellín, Colombia ( July 25, 2021 ).

Location of Sighting: Medellin, Columbia
Date of Sighting: July 25, 2021

YouTube Video Posted by Witnesses to UFO Over Medellin, Columbia.

Description: This sighting was not reported to UFOs Northwest. A link to the YouTube video was provided by a friend. I am posting this report to encourage visitors to this site to view this YouTube video. No details are known about the video. The object on the video is very strange. As of today (July 29, 2021) there were nearly 22,000 views of the footage. A few commenters feel that the object could be a kite. I am not convinced that the object is a kite. (Inversion of the image did not reveal any string attached to the object. The object was unlikely to have been a kite.)

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2 Responses to UFO Sighted Over Medellín, Colombia ( July 25, 2021 ).

  1. Jim says:

    This is a very interesting strange UFO design from aliens or ? The “this is a kite” commenters on Youtube need to tell us who makes this kite? With photos shown holding the kite that exactly match the one in the video and how much $ cost is. The “kite” also must be able to hover motionless at high altitude with no strings attached and whatthe power source is to do this? I want one.

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