UFO Travels Left, Disappears Into Cloud.

Location of Sighting: Port Angeles, Washington
Date of Sighting: December 9, 2016
Time of Sighting: 4:30 PM PST

Watch Clip of Video (YouTube):



Description: 25 seconds into the video a UFO appears in the center of the screen. It travels left and then disappears into a cloud. The video was shot with a smartphone camera by Adam Gross in Port Angeles, WA at 4:30 PM on 12/9/16. I was standing on first Street in downtown Port Angeles near the post office. The UFO is South of the observer over Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National park). The event lasts about 30 seconds from 24 seconds into the video and about 1 minute 8 seconds to the end of video.

The video was shot by Adam Gross, age 41 of Port Angeles.

Mr. Gross is a member of MUFON and is currently researching/documenting nightly UFO activity in the Port Angeles, WA area that has been continuous for over a year and a half. His photos have been published on several online websites including those scientifically based organizations. Included is a side by side portrait of a light sphere UFO he documented in 2015 shot with a full spectrum Canon rebel DSLR with a 50 MM f:1:1.4 lens zoom: 500%.

Note: There is a possibility that the witness took a video of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter was visible in the southern sky. The apparent movement could be due to cloud movement and not the object. The winds in lower atmosphere had an “easterly” component. However, Jupiter was quite low in the sky so this explanation may not be valid. (This is assuming that the time of the video was correct.) The Sun had set at 4:21 PM. Bright planets like Jupiter and Venus can be visible right after sunset.

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