UFO’s Show Up Followed by Aircraft.

Location of Sighting: Millsboro, Delaware
Date of Sighting: Several Dates (Feb, Mar, 2019)
Time of Sighting: 1 to 2 AM Eastern Time

Description: I live in a peninsula (Millsboro, Delaware). I have had UFO sightings every clear night in three months. I saw three different craft. Within 30 minutes of seeing the craft as many as 5 planes show up and try to push the UFOs away. I need help to try to film what I am seeing.

Additional Comments From Witness: I sent a report  yesterday about what is happening where I moved to three and half years ago. My sighting was  in Feb 2019 at 2:00 AM. I live in a condo third floor end unit. I went onto the screen porch and saw a black slab about ten foot wide twelve foot long that was lit with a cross hair like a rifle scope. When I saw the light it stop looking at me and I at it for over five minutes. All this was 15 feet away. Two days later at one PM looking out the window I saw what the military called the Tic Tac.

Note: The witness’s reports are somewhat difficult to interpret. I suspect that he is seeing celestial objects as his sightings are on recurrent clear nights. He may be also seeing regular aircraft.

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