UFO’s With Synchronous Red, Blue, Green Lights.

Location of Sighting: Lannon, Wisconsin
Date of Sighting: October 17, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM CDT. We stopped watching at around 11:00 to 11:15 PM

Description: I fell asleep writing a site report. It was long and lengthy in detail, but I pushed the back bottom or something returning from a phone call. It erased so I’ll text, but I would be more than happy to talk to someone.

It was amazing. We saw quite a few UFO’s up close and in close distance. They had red, blue green lights that went back in forth and across in a rhythm. One went over head it was like a galactic type ship or maybe a little bigger than what a company jet would be, but flattened, wider, squared off, shape and no engine. It was just kind of like the wind swishing it or it swishing through the wind. I had let the dog out when I went back and yelled for my son because the weather was so strange. It was like different kinds of weather all at once. It was like smooth windy, wind in, fog but calm and warm at the same time and normal to the right of us. Just as we got back out and he said wow this is cool, a big flying object was going right overhead. We were in awe. It was amazing! There were a few planes in sight and a few that had movement. One of them was straight west to the right, higher up and would come closer, lower and back then up again. There was one to the left of that a little higher. It angled off to the left and it stayed hovered. One to the south moved from it’s spot closer to it the other and back. Another moved faster and had the same rhymed lights, but with another brighter light.

When we were first in the back I could see the moon through the clouds, but when I went to the front to look in the east of the house there was a big moon in the east. I have seen these lights before, but this time they were close and we actually sat and watched them. I have so much detail I would love to talk to someone. I’ll rewrite a more detailed report just not today. They were all on the south side and up from our house and the subdivision area. I have seen these lights before, but they were higher up. This time it was right up front above us and they were around us. I. So I am excited, but really freaked out at the same time.

It was exciting to have had someone with me seeing it all happen too. We did get freaked out and stopped watching. There were so many all facing us all in what looked like this area and in the west right above. We weren’t for sure if they were aliens or if it was military. We quit watching. I had to report this. This was real. There is no doubt about it. They were still there when we quit watching.

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