Uniform Light Orange Orb Fluid Plasma in Middle.

Location of Sighting: Newtownards, Northern Ireland
Date of Sighting: August 14, 1997
Time of Sighting: 8 AM Local Time

Description: I was in bed with my wife it was around 7:30 AM and I woke later than usual as I had a day off work.

I woke and looked out the window to see what kind of day I was getting. It was a nice day, sunny, no clouds and blue skies. I didn’t notice anything in the sky at this time. My wife was sleeping. I thought I’ll let her sleep a bit and I laid there just thinking and planning my day off.

I laid in bed for around 30 minutes. I thought to myself I’ll have a smoke and then wake her. I was looking at her and as I turned to reach for my cigarettes on the left side of the bed I noticed something in the northwest sky around 500 to 600 meters out above her. The window was on my right and was uncovered as it wasn’t overlooked. I paid it no notice and continued reaching for the cigarettes. I roll my own and laid there rolling one. I still hadn’t looked out at what I saw, but I was thinking about it.

It was just a small black dot. Anyway I turned and looked at it and it was as if I had startled it. It shot off to the south and left my view due to the window. Wow that was strange I thought to myself as I was still thinking about what it was I lit my cigarette and as I did an orange (some would say yellow) orb slid in from the left side of the window and just set there 6″ from the glass around 10 to 12 feet from me.

As it slide in I thought to myself, this thing is moving in slow to not scare me. (I am not sure this was me thinking this though). Anyway it didn’t, but I was very aware of it. I can also remember feeling embarrassed about the cigarette and let it drop into the ash tray that was on my lap.

It was an orb around 3 feet wide and was a uniform very light orange with a very light glow. Around the equator there was a fluid plasma type stuff flowing around in opposite directions. This was grey to black depending on the density and moving very slow (1 to 2 inches a second). There was no sound. I saw no windows, doors or anything. The only thing that stood out was the plasma. This stuff seemed to have a mind of it’s own. As I watched it fingers would come of it and move away from the flow and then clap back again. Two of these fingers didn’t though and started to move as if they would touch. I thought to myself they are going to touch, but again I don’t think it was me thinking it. It seemed to make me watch it. As I watched I felt myself (my mind) being pulled into it and had to force myself to stop.

I was calling my wife’s name to wake her, but she wouldn’t wake. I had to elbow her to get her to wake and as she did the UFO shot back to the left of the window and was gone.

Thinking about it later (years later) I believe this UFO was watching me and when I turned and look at it, it wanted to know how I knew it was there and was using the plasma to find out if I was developing some sort of ESP.

PS: The date is maybe off, it was around 20 years ago and I am not good with dates.

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  1. C says:

    I was on my balcony one afternoon. accompanied by a few friends who were looking out in different directions. I was taken by complete surprise when I saw a sizable golden shape that was diamond-like and translucent and traveling at the same speed as a shooting star would only it was prolonged and very striking to the eye and would have made anyone point. It began from a high point in the sky suddenly appearing as I said like a shooting star would have. Only it remained visible on a decline towards the observable horizon crossing behind a building that obstructed the horizon. I followed it’s trajectory while it crossed behind the building and to my great surprise it re-emerged on the other side of the building only this time on an incline traveling almost parallel, but more away from the horizon.

    I followed it until it disappeared around the corner of the building I was living in at which point I would have had to go to my neighbors across the hall and ask them to look out their balcony to continue following this object.

    As my luck would have it, none of my companions saw it as they were looking either down or away from the light i saw.
    To this day I remember the uniform shape and how reminicent it was almost seemed like a light reflection of some kind. It was very unnatural looking.

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