Unknown Lighted Object Disappears Into Cloud Cover.

Location of Sighting: Portage, Indiana
Date of Sighting: August 9 and 10, 2018
Time of Sighting: Around 10:30 PM Both Nights

Description: My sighting was in Portage Indiana on the Southern Tip of Lake Michigan Thursday Aug. 9, 2018

Subject: Unknown lighted object in the sky.

At 10:30 PM I turned off the lights in my bedroom, opened the window blinds, I layed down in bed facing the window. There was scattered cloud cover and lightning flashes in the distance and I noticed white lights in the distance similar to those I had observed on July 17 only higher and farther away. However, this time I had a pair of 10X50 Binoculars so I went down stairs and out on the Patio to get a clearer view. It was difficult to steady the binoculars and they only made the lights brighter with out revealing any thing else. And after 10 or 15 minutes the Object disappeared into the cloud cover. Am I the only one that saw this thing ? I would sure like to find out more about it. Was it Military, Extra Terrestrial, or some kind of surveillance of our Super Walmart store ?

Friday August 10, 2018 “IT’S BACK.”

This time I peeked out the back window about 9:30 PM and the “Thing” was back at about the same position it was in last night. However, after watching it for awhile I was finally rewarded with some visible short probing movements in different directions. This renewed my interest so I continued watching until 10:40 PM when a small (low wing ?) brightly lighted plane flew by from East to West (unusually low) between me and the “Thing” – which would be South of the plane’s flight path and high above the pilots port wing. interestingly, the “Thing” then moved a shot distance in the direction the plane had flown, then stopped again. About ten minutes later another fly-by with the same plane (?) so he must be observing the “Thing”.

About 11:10 PM and the “Thing” seems to be moving away so I am going to bed. I have lots of questions, but no answers.

Note: I am an 83 year old Air Force Vet and active Radio Control Air Plane and Camera Drone flyer. I also flew small private air craft at one time.

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