Unknown Object Found in One of Mars Lander Photos.



Description: Can you take a look at this picture? Text me back when you have the time.

Note: The anomaly in the photo is probably not a real object, but I don’t know for sure what would cause the anomaly. Perhaps it was a spec of dust on the camera lens, damage to the camera lens or an error in the photo production process.

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4 Responses to Unknown Object Found in One of Mars Lander Photos.

  1. pete veslocki says:

    Obviously it’s my ex-wive’s old Plymouth van coming in for an oil change.

    Seriously guys, were not the only ones exploring Mars. It would be interesting to see if recent radar mappings of Mars surface lined up geographically compared pixel to pixel of previous ones show anything moving besides Rover. There is a fair chance we might discover something worth investigating.

  2. John Plato says:

    Has anybody seen the movie Prometheus? That is what I thought of when I looked at this image. Some past movies, present movies and shows,have a funny way of becoming “deja vue.” This is just a humorous sideline.

  3. Joel Wesley Small says:

    This isn’t the first photo from Mars that’s had one or more anomalous impressions on them. I’m not a photographic expert of any sort, but I know that if these images are made through any sort of ‘digital imaging”; this process, while more convenient and precise in most cases, this method can produce some striking innacuracies that show up in certain conditions. This isn’t to say I think this is what is responsible for this ‘anomalous image’, but I have to hold my judgement due to what I’ve seen in the past.

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