Unknown Objects Hover Over Mt Diablo, CA.

Location of Sighting: Walnut Creek, California
Note: Date and Time of Sighting Are Unknown.

Description: Several years ago on several occasions, I saw lights of what I assumed were helicopters in stationary positions over the hills in a southerly direction from Mt Diablo. Were there others that witnessed or questioned this activity?

Response From Witness: The approximate dates were not noted by me.  This was around Mt Diablo near Walnut Creek, CA.  I found a report online of a black triangle hovering in this area around the same general time and was hoping that there were additionakl reports by others so I could connect the dots. This came up because I am following Cosmic Disclosure.

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2 Responses to Unknown Objects Hover Over Mt Diablo, CA.

  1. Bill Ruud says:

    I have witnessed several orange orbs leaving out of the ground on west end of mount Diablo. Every night over the past month the objects leave the mountain and spread out all directions. Also I have seen triangle shaped objects in the area with a round light in the center. This is a typical TRB3 U.S. secret space craft or the Aurora or SR91.

  2. Nick Fosco says:

    I too have witnessed the exact same phenomena. I have seen it every night for the past week around midnight to three AM. It does appear much like a chopper, however it covers too much space too fast to be a helicopter like in a Z pattern of about five miles in just a second. I live in Clayton and the UFO I see regularly is on the northeastern side. If I had to guess a specific location, it would be Morgan Territory/Marsh Creek.

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