Unknown Rectangular Object Found on Video.

Location of Sighting: Canby, Oregon
Date of Sighting: September 25, 2016
Time of Sighting: Around Noon PDT



Description: I’m not sure what this is, but it was in a video my mom took of a bird and it goes across the screen in just three frames (her iPhone captures video at 16 FPS). I would like to have it analyzed by a paranormal specialist, but I cannot attach the video because it is too high of a resolution for my phone to be able to send or hers by text or email. If anyone can identify this for me, please do so. I am attaching a still from the video of the object. (There are only three total given it’s speed, and it is blurry also because of this). Please email back with any answer.

Here are all three frames from the video. I forgot to look at your criteria for reporting a sighting, but I thought this was something weird. Also I don’t know if this is useful information or not. But right before this weird fast light went across the screen, in the video for a few seconds there was a rainbow with a white beam in the middle that flashed several times in the whole shot. Here is a still also of that. I couldn’t get a good still of the rainbow and light, but it shows vibrant in the video. Please get back to me as promptly as possible on this. I am a self described skeptic and have NO idea what I am looking at here.

In this screenshot it has a timestamp. 9/25/16, 12 PM Pacific time. I have never believed in this kind of paranormal all thing. I am NOT HOAXING ANYONE! I just wsant answers. I can’t send the video because it is on my mom’s phone. I can’t send it until I can access her phone and computer. I just don’t know what could move so fast and emit light this way. It is unidentifiable to me. Here is another picture of the object, sorry I cropped that still. I didn’t know until now that the timestamp was important.

We thought it was a bug at first. But we looked it up and it was moving way faster than anything biological. I don’t knoqw how fast three frames is. But I think it is faster than the fastest clocked insert (170 MPH?) This was faster than that. The bug that could go that fast is a dragonfly and upon a closer inspection of the video I saw a dragonfly fly by in the beginning and it is definitely not that.

Note: It is difficult to analyze the frames without seeing the video. However, I don’t believe that the rectangle is a real object and is probably a reflection. A copy of the video has been requested. Updates will be posted.

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