Unusual Translucent Bluish-Brown-Orange Object Oval Shaped Front.

Location of Sighting: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of Sighting: September 10, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8 PM CDT

Description: Since there is no description of the movement this is a bit vague and it does look a little like a lens flare. However, strangely enough I saw something that looked a little like this on September 10 in Birmingham, AL at approximately 8 PM CDT coming from the east moving due west. It was unusual translucent bluish-brown orange and oval shaped at the front, but sort of squared off in the back. It was totally silent and had no vapor trail. I checked aviation weather: It was in or above clouds at 12,000 ft. It went from horizon to horizon (actually about 120 degrees) in 4 seconds or less. It was very fast. It might have been space junk falling at high altitude, but it seemed to be moving along a directed path to me. It was a strange sighting. It don’t know about ET, but it was the strangest sighting of my life.

Note: The witness is comparing this sighting to a photo taken of a triangular object over Henderson, NV on Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Hi: I am from Northwest Georgia. I was walking my dog around 11:58 PM on September 27th 2017. I looked up and saw red flashing lights, about three of them. I would have thought that it was a plane, but they didn’t move like any airplane that I have ever seen. The movements were very erratic, like kind of a zigzag pattern. They stayed right around the same location and just erratically moved in one area.

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