V Shaped Craft With Lots of Lights Over Hawaii.

Location of Sighting: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date of Sighting: October 24, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10 PM Local Time


Description: I saw a possible V shaped craft, but it was hard to tell. It had lots of lights and was very large. Some people say it was a “mothership” I am a podcast host and Youtuber, I put together this video.

News Report KHON2 – Honolulu: Did you happen to see the strange, bright lights Saturday night? You may have been one of many who thought it looked like a plane, a meteor shower, or something unexplainable. People on different islands reported seeing these lights in the sky on Saturday night shortly after 10 o’clock. We’re told since it was traveling East, residents on the Big Island and Maui probably got a better view.

Note: The media is saying that this was a re-entry of a Chinese Rocket booster. Looking at the video I am not so sure of that explanation. Normally space junk leaves a trail like a meteor. Another attribute that makes this theory less likely is that some of the lights were blinking.

Update – Oct 31, 2020 – The witness reporting the sighting stated the following: Yes, I showed what a rocket Reentry looks like vs, what people saw and also compared it with the starlink satellites. This thing was it’s own thing.  It could be otherworldly, or possibly just a secret space program. It is hard to know.

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10 Responses to V Shaped Craft With Lots of Lights Over Hawaii.

  1. james oberg says:

    Thoughtful comments on a fascinating event. I tend to be more sympathetic to the reentry explanation based on supportive documentation, but the appearance is a puzzle. Has anybody seen ANY witness drawing of what they saw? That could go a long way to assessing the perceptions of the apparition.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. I haven’t seen any sketches. I am puzzled by this as I have captured space junk (including Chinese rocket boosters) on my security cameras. This doesn’t look anything like that. The blinking lights on the bottom more “intrigue” to the sighting.

      • james oberg says:

        Here’s my report of pattern of satellite reentries creating fireball swarms that trigger such perceptions =

        • Administrator says:

          Hi: Thanks for sending your report. I will read it over. I did get another report from the Big Island of Hawaii on the same night, but I doubt if it is related. The Big Island sighting was earlier, but quite unusual.

          • james oberg says:

            I think these kinds of sightings can teach us a lot about general issues of eyewitnessing such bizarre apparitions. Thanks for sites like yours!

            • Administrator says:

              Thanks, James. I get few sightings that can’t be explained. Some of my “unidentified cases” probably also have explanations if more data were available. I try to look at astronomical data, radar data (for a few cases) and meteorological data when reviewing cases. I am also on lists for upcoming rocket launches. I read your report and appreciate your input.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi William. After watching this video several times I put it in my video editor and slowed it down to 25% speed. There are 11+ fixed stationary lights with 2 that are larger and pulse randomly together at the same speed. Several extra small lights are in fixed position flashing randomly. Since I could see no separation movement between any of the lights I conclude that they are all fixed in position relative to each other. I also conclude that they all appear to be attached to one moving object. One photo posted appears to show a trail behind them as would be seen in falling space debris burning up but it is just camera motion blur. The media and astronomers (experts?) say this is a “re-entry of a Chinese Rocket booster” . They are clearly wrong. This is a UFO of probably large size. Keep up the good work.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments, Jim. Yes, I agree that this was not falling space junk. It doesn’t fit any of the characteristics. I can’t believe how the media will buy opinions from scientists hook, line and sinker. One of my security cameras captured a Chinese rocket booster a few years ago. It clearly looked like space junk.

  3. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Thank you, Mr. Puckett, for displaying this vidioed sighting over the Hawaiian Islands. Like most night sightings, identifying an object or objects as a known object(s) or unknown objects is pretty near impossible, so those witnessing like what was seen can only ‘guess-ta-mate’ as to what it is that they’re seeing, and this sighting is no exception, unfortunately. When I looked at this a few times, I tend to think that there was one central object involved and some smaller objects on it’s periphery. I listened to the explanations that it may have been the fiery re-entry of a rocket booster, and having seen some such re-entries, this particular sighting COULD have been that, but most of the light sources appears just too steady as light sources not created by a burning and disintigrating aerial object. SO – unfortunately we’re left at best with the explanation of the sighting as an Unidentified Aerial Object, and the lingering thought that it probably was a LOT more than what those explanations offered!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Joel: Good comments. I don’t believe that this a reentry rocket. Some of the lights were blinking and there was no trail like would be expected when material starts burning up in the atmosphere.

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