V Shaped Object Flashing White Lights Flies NE.

Location of Sighting: On Highway 55 Between Strasburg & Front Royal, Virginia
Date of Sighting: December 21, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9 PM EST

Description: At approximately 9 PM I saw a V shaped object flying from the southwest heading northeast toward Washington, DC. The craft flew just to the south of Signal Knob Mountain. At first, I thought it was planes flying in formation but there’s no way they could have maintained that precision. The lights were perfectly spaced and uniformed and that never changed. I filmed about 45 seconds on my phone, but the quality is poor and you can’t see anything. The object’s lights were white and flashing and there were not red or green lights like found in commercial aircraft. The object was approaching the Dulles Airport flight path and turned south quickly. Shortly after, we witnessed numerous aircraft that we believed were military flying from the north heading south at a high rate of speed on what appeared to be an intercept course. I have 5 witnesses to this event. This could have easily been some sort of military exercise, but whatever it was, it was very cool to watch.

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