Very Bright Light Moves Very Slightly.

Location of Sighting: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Sighting: April 20, 2020
Time of Sighting: 12:45 AM PDT

Description: A few nights ago, I was outside when I noticed an extremely bright light outside and then I noticed it was moving very slightly like it was trying to maintain position. But it was moving in very weird ways that a helicopter etc. can’t move. I went back inside and came out 2 more times before it just entirely vanished so I know it wasn’t a planet. It was low in the sky and definitely in this atmosphere, but way lower than planes fly.

The light wasn’t there last night but it was back again tonight. Tonight it spent at least 40 minutes doing the same hovering in one spot but moving oddly.

Note: This is another sighting of Venus.

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8 Responses to Very Bright Light Moves Very Slightly.

  1. Judy S. says:

    I was walking my dog around in the yard and looked in the sky and there was a bright light. The light was moving very slow like a slight up and down. Then the light become a bright straight line. Then it changed into a circle shape. A few minutes later the light had a green light above it like a pot with a handle turned on top of the white line! Then a few more minutes it looked like the white light was a rounder shape and the green light shape in a long kite string or a fishing pole with a short line hanging. This was about 10:30 PM 4/21/2020 in Bamberg SC. I have pictures of it.

  2. L says:

    Ummm ya, it’s not Venus for heavens sake. I’m working 15 minutes up the Tumbler ridge road (25 minutes from Dawson) and I’ve seen it too and my coworker saw it. It did the same. I mean it’s super bright! And it’s IN our atmosphere, not out on the stars. It is NOT Venus.

    I noticed it move slightly slowly like it was almost still, but it did move especially at first. I wasn’t really paying attention early on. Initially I thought it was a plane, but then as I started to look I realized it was only slightly moving, then barely moving then it seemed somewhat still. A few hours later it was gone.

    This happened last night and the night before (in the same sort of spot) tonight is overcast so I can’t see anything up there.

    • Administrator says:

      Another sighting of Venus. Venus appears to jump around due to an optical illusion called “autokinesis.” People are seeing a lot alien spacecraft recurrently on clear nights. They go away when it clouds up.

  3. Deb C says:

    We have been seeing it here in the Peace Region Dawson Creek Canada Area. A few people have noticed it actually. It seems to wobble and hover. It did move then parked itself northwest. It has been there for a week now. My friend is a medic working out on a job site. She just mentioned it to me and asked me if I noticed this and indeed we have. Her crew noticed as well. My grand kids noticed too and they asked me if it was a spaceship. We were driving home and it was moving heading Northwest. I thought it was a plane at first until it stopped and has been there since. Does anyone know what the heck it is?

  4. Elizabeth B. says:

    No it’s not Venus. I have been seeing the same thing for a couple of weeks on and off. It was same description and it was too close to be Venus.

    • Elizabeth B. says:

      Also this was seen in the Bay area.

      • Michael R. says:

        This is not a joke! I saw the exact same light and call me crazy, but this thing had descended after I watched it for two hours (consistently and uninterrupted)! We decided to maybe get a picture and get close, but after heading from Novato, CA |Bay Area| towards the coast and along the 25 minute drive it had vanished after appearing to nearly land at Limantour beach!!!

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