Very Bright Tablet Shaped Lights Vertically Positioned.

Location of Sighting: New Waltham, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: October 27, 2017
Time of Sighting: 6:45 PM Local Time

Description: Hi William: Thanks for your reply. Yes, my sighting was in Cleethorpes. UK. In fact I’m in a village just outside there. It is 5 minutes by car. The town is called New Waltham. The lights were seen at about 6:45 PM. There had been fireworks going off due to it nearing Halloween. However none were going off when I saw these odd lights. They remained in the sky for some time. Unlike a firework they were very bright, shaped like a capsule, like a headache tablet shape, shape like those gelatin cases powder tablet capsules. It wasn’t kids with lasers. At one point I saw a chem-trail leading to just one. It was a short chem-trail. Also the capsule shapes were vertically positioned. I did take a video from my phone, but all that came out was black. You cannot see a thing. I am keeping an eye out to see if anyone else saw it. I also considered it may be three or more Chinese lanterns tied in a sort of framework, but they were a cluster, some much higher up, some less movement and less bright. This was very odd. Also they were not circus light lasers. Thanks for your time. I hope that this is useful. Kind regards.

Additional Comments: Hi again William: When I say a cluster, it was more like a sort of a selection of them spaced out, but not a close group, if that makes sense. Regards.

PS: I know it wasn’t meteors, but was a similar grouping as meteors.

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