Veteran Recalls Sighting a Flying Disk With Multicolored Lights.

Location of Sighting: Fort Riley, Kansas
Date of Sighting: February, 1979
Time of Sighting: 1 AM CST

Description: I was assigned to a combat support unit with the 1st Infantry division. We were on maneuvers north of the main base. I was an operator of an M578 tracked recovery vehicle along with my 2 crew members. When we parked for the night in heavy vegetation and no moon it was pitch dark. My crew members and I were sleeping on top of the vehicle then in a split second we saw a large metallic disc ( 80 feet in diameter) with multi colored lights spinning counter clockwise. All 3 of us were laying there looking at this thing. After about 10 seconds my skin felt like I was near a fire. That is when all 3 of us jumped off the vehicle and ran. The vehicle had been shut down for 6 hours so the heat source wasn’t coming from the vehicle. The next day Range Control confirmed that they observed an object on their radar. I served in the Army for 33 years. My health is failing now so I thought I would put this out before I pass.

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