Veteran Recalls Sighting Strange Lights Over Clark AFB, Philippines.

Location of Sighting: Clark AFB, Angeles City, Philippines.
Date of Sighting: March-April, 1977
Description: Clark AFB, Philippines was located at Angeles City. (Interesting that you asked since it is noted on the UFO website and easily found on a Google search). The sightings I witnessed occurred during the years 1975 to 1977. All were along the western ridge of mountains in the distance from Clark. The approximate dates and times were varied.

I do remember a couple specific instances. About March, 1977 I was walking during dusk when I noticed what appeared to be a bright star above the mountain range only the “star” moved from side to side. Odd, I thought since stars don’t move. Others walking mentioned “oh you see it too”. Then in a blink the “star” was moving quickly higher, then out of sight. North of Clark AFB was a communication base which many of us thought might be the lure for the visitors.

Another specific instance was again, at dusk. I was at the NCO Club on base, about April of 1977. The Club was shaped like a horseshoe with the opening facing north. Two couples who met several of us for dinner sat down very excited. They had ridden together to the Club. They lived off base so they came through the main gate then traveled along Mitchell Highway making appropriate turns to the Club. During the entire trip a bright light flew alongside, but at a distance from the driver’s side of the car. When the car was parked, the light hovered to the west of the Club. Several of us followed the couples outside to see the light. Yes, it was there. Then gone in an instant.

I do not remember specific names of those who witnessed these events, but I know what I saw and what others told me. The ‘light’ came often with the same movements of staying a while then flying off. The shape of the object wasn’t discernible due to distance. There is no way the light was from a plane or a helicopter or other known flying machine. Since those years I have not witnessed any UFO’s anywhere I have lived or traveled.

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