Video Taken of Flashing Light in “Uninhabited Forest.”

Location of Sighting: Cumberland City, Tennessee
Date of Sighting: December 19, 2015
Time of Video: 1 AM CST

Watch Video Clip (YouTube):



Description: I live on a farm near Cumberland City, TN. The large TVA Fossil Fuel Power Plant is visible from my property. The video was filmed in at my farm a 1 AM. I noticed after seeing multiple flashing lights in the dense uninhabited woods behind the house. This is a smaller video of many taken. The video was taken early Saturday morning, Dec 19, 2015 outside my farm house in a rural area. I have seen several “UFO’s” in the skies there over the years. I have attributed it to the close proximity of a very large power plant which is approximately 4 miles away from the location where I was standing. I have other videos taken on the same night that show more detail of the satellite lights activity. Let me know if you are interested.

The satellite lights equal the reference to the multiple smaller orb lights surrounding it.

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