White Circular Object Hovers, Flashes, Moves Erratically.

Location of Sighting: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: December 26, 2020
Time of Sighting: 6:04 PM EST

White Circular Object Hovers & Moves at 90 Degree Angles in Sky.
Still Image of White Circular Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of White Circular Object Extracted From Video.

Description: I live on Washington Street, Dorchester MA 02124. On Dec 26 2020 at roughly 6:04 PM I noticed out of my window a white circular object hovering and flashing in the distance when the object started to move in 90 degree angles in the sky then it would move towards my location. I started recording it because it was too far away to be sure if it’s movements so I used my camera to zoom in and see this object moving in uncharted flight paths as if it was trying to get a better look at something. It stayed in the sky the whole night. Now the next day it came back, but on the day before my last recording there were four moving circles and one was three circles that would fly in a triangular motion then in a straight line. Ps. Some of the files are too big to send.

Note: There were no bright planets in the area where the video was taken. This possibility was investigated given that the witness said that the object was in the sky for the whole night.

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