White Dot Moved Straight Down & Back to Moon.

Location of Sighting: Castaic, California
Date of Sighting: November 29, 2020
Time of Sighting: 9:50 PM PST


Description: A white dot object was seen moving straight down from halo around the moon. The object then moved back to the moon. One of the photos taken by the witness shows the white dot.

Note: The object appears to be a reflection (lens flare), but the witness said that he saw the object with the naked eye. If this is true, the object wouldn’t have been a reflection.

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  1. Silver Sky says:

    I saw something very similar moving through the night sky in Long Beach, CA. It looked like a star, but moved across the sky so quickly it couldn’t have been a star. It traveled through half the sky going north. I followed it with my eyes until it got blocked by trees. I have seen UFO’s here in my backyard in the past, so I figured it was the same thing. It was on the second week of December most likely between the 6th and 9th. What really tripped me out this am is that I woke up with circular shaped marks on my right shoulder blade. They look feel like a bruise, but look red and collectively make the shape of a triangle. I also woke up on Sat 12/5/20 with bruises on lower parts of arms and two scabs on each knuckle of my index finger. The scabs are identical. Really small but even in their smallness they make the shape of a triangle within a circle. It’s weird. I had a dream that I was having sex with my ex boyfriend. I don’t ever have sex dreams. It’s rare. I let him know because him and I do communicate telepathically. So now we have a dinner date. I mention this because last year I felt my experience with him could have been alien influenced. I love God and pray everyday and I have been trying to grow in my spiritual connection with God. I know though that aliens have to exist because I’ve had some weird sightings and weird things in pictures that look like images of someone in water, fire and mirrors, screens any type of screen can be a portal. That brings up the other element of other spiritual dimensions.

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