White Flying Disc With 3 Smaller Discs Below.

Location of Sighting: New Hope, Alabama
Date of Sighting: Around 1975

Description: It is August 13, 2018. An extremely vivid dream woke me up just now. In the dream I was in my backyard and saw a girl watching the moon. She was extremely beautiful. I looked at the moon with her and saw what I thought was a lunar eclipse. A second later I realized it was no eclipse but a black disc passing in front of the moon with a halo around it. Seconds later the disc came closer. Almost overhead and seemed to be at least a 100 feet in diameter. It seemed to change direction, possibly coming towards me and the girl, and that is when I awakened from the dream. I looked at my clock and it was 3 AM. It is the first dream that vivid that I havehad in a long time. I was both excited and shaken. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and checked the internet to see if there had ever been any other sightings of “black disc-shaped UFO’s” and surely there was. I am almost 60 years old and had experienced two “real” UFO sightings as a kid. The first one was in New Hope, AL. I was around 7 and it was above my backyard. It was a white disc and underneath it were three smaller discs turning in opposite directions. I remember lying on the ground and watching it hover above me. About ten years later, in my neighborhood of Albertville AL, The entire street was lit up with strange lights from above. I and everyone on the block saw them. This was in the 1970`s when there had been several sightings in Dekalb county. Although the dream I had tonight wasn’t an actual sighting, it was one of the most eeriest and vivid dreams I have ever had. Make of it what you will. Also a dream I will never forget was of a myriad of planets packed tightly together in their orbit. I was only a small child at the time and I had seen no movies or anything to identify my dream with. I have been obsessed with the mysterys of space since that time and study every article I can find.

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