White Light Moves NW in Sky & Slows Up.

Location of Sighting: Olympia, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 7, 2018
Time of Sighting: 9:40 PM PDT

Description: I was looking out my back door window and noticed a white light moving northwest in the sky. This light was a bright as a star, but was the only white light moving in the sky and did not look like it was burning out and did not have a tail. It appeared as though it may have been self propelled, as it controlled it’s own movement at a steady pace. It seemed as though while it was moving northwest, it was also declining at a slow to medium rate in comparison to the speed of an airliner. It indeed moved faster than an airliner, however. I see these anomalies at least once a week and they vary in color and size. Next time I see one, I will be sure to get a recording and post it here.

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