White Translucent “Angel-Like” Object Flies High.

Location of Sighting: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Date of Sighting: July 14, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10:06 AM ET


Description: On July 14,2020, while at work in Scarborough,Ontario I came outside alone for morning work break to have my coffee and smoke. While outside six minutes into my break I was staring in a patch of clear sky with a strong feeling. Just over our work roof looking up to the north I felt I was going to see another UFO. Then surprisingly, I witnessed a fast white object high in the sky. Instantly I thought it could seagull being so high at plus or minus one thousand feet. Within seconds pulled out my camera to film it. I zoomed onto the object 30X. Once the camera was on this said seagull as I first thought Idiscovered it was a seagull, but something not witnessed ever before. It appeared in the camera viewer translucent white as if flapping wings like a bird. This unknown flew near directly above me fast heading southward. Then it hooked behind me couple hundred yards to the west heading into the clouds. Could this be some form of biological creature not cataloged? Or maybe it could besomething from another realm showing a presence?

Here is the original video taken:


Note: I thought perhaps that the object could be a bird, but the video and photo don’t support that.

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6 Responses to White Translucent “Angel-Like” Object Flies High.

  1. Lina says:

    Not saying this COULDN’T be a plastic bag, but for one thing it appears to be getting higher and higher as it goes, not descending like you would expect with a piece of plastic, or anything like that, as well as it appears to speed up as it ascends, which again, just wouldn’t make sense with a bag or something of even slight weight. And lastly I’d expect to see sort of ‘undulating’, lazy movements if it were plastic, but rather it seems like it has a strange, almost rocking(?), motion to it, which I can see why it would look like a bird at first. But it’s definitely no bird, and really doesn’t look like a plastic bag to me either. Great video!

  2. Alfred says:

    It does look like a plastic bag.

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t think so. (See some other comments where witness talks about this.) I have lived in some of the windiest areas in the U.S. and have rarely see a plastic bag remain suspended for very long.

  3. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I want to believe it’s something else, and I sincerely appreciate keeping it in frame, but could this not be a plastic bag?

    • Paul says:

      If you read the description section in the video there is an super enhancement video link made with confirmation not a bag. Please take a peek for better examination.

      • Administrator says:


        Yes, I agree that the object is not likely to be a plastic bag. I have lived some of the windiest areas in the U.S. and have rarely seen a plastic remain suspended for very long.

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