Winter, 1986 – Anchorage, Alaska – Around Midnight or 1 AM AST

Description: I was in the upstairs bedroom of my home on Fischer Drive off the old Seward Highway. I woke up around midnight and looked out the bedroom window. I could see the top of my neighbor’s house little less than a city block away on the cross street that connected Pearl Drive, Fischer and Lynwood. Hanging in the air about 20 feet above their home was what looked like a typical description of a flying saucer. Lights were going around the outer edge, but I saw no activity. I woke my daughter up and we watched it together for about an hour and then went back to bed. I decided I would call the newspaper in the morning, but when I woke up I never thought about it. Once or twice in the next week I did think about it, but decided it was unimportant! About 10 years later my daughter mentioned it and said wasn’t it strange that we both sort of forgot about it! Yes, I DO think it strange that I would just put an experience like that out of my mind. When I saw your site, this is the first time I hanve ever reported it anywhere. I have only told friends about it.

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  1. Robin Brown says:

    I had a similar experience about 15 years ago, but I saw what looked like a globe lit in the sky. It just hung there and no one was looking at it but me! I remember trying to think about it so I could tell someone or at least see if it was mentioned in the paper, but I just simply forgot it until last year! I remember it very clearly now! I even remember trying not to forget about it so I could tell someone!

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