Witness Finds Unknown Object in Photo Taken of Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Pendleton, Oregon
Date of Sighting: Unknown (Photo Data Indicates November 17, 2013)
Time of Sighting: Unknown (Photo Data Indicates 10:30 PM PST)



Description: The Date I Entered Is Not Correct. I don’t know all the dates for sure. Throughout the years I have seen a few UFO’s, but I mostly I was just taking pictures of the night sky to capture photo’s of Orbs and in the process seem to have gotten a little bit more. There are some photos that I took during comet ISON night and I can say that I know these were no stars and for sure not a comet. There are other nights where I took pictures right out my back door like the one that looks like starship enterprise. I have many pictures. I will send in a few and some of the ones I do have they have been reported before as they look alike.

Note: The date and time of the photo have been estimated. This assumes that the date and time were correctly set on the camera.

Note to witnesses: Reports or photos cannot be analyzed with knowing the exact location (city, state, country), date and time. This information is necessary to compare to other reports. Reports, photos and videos cannot be analyzed without this information.

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