Woman Discovers Strange Red Markings on Husband’s Back.

Location of Sighting: Avondale, Louisiana
Date of Sighting: August 2, 2020


Description: I discovered these strange markings on my husband’s back on August 2, 2020 and they look identical to someone’s  photos on your website. Can you give me more insight on what this could be?

Response of Witness to Investigator’s Questions: My husband is 40. We live in Avondale, Louisiana about 15 minutes from New Orleans.

Note: These same markings have been reported from others. The witness is 40 so the markings ARE NOT due to shingles.

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2 Responses to Woman Discovers Strange Red Markings on Husband’s Back.

  1. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I have had shingles and it doesn’t look like that. Plus it’s usually on the side of your chest under your arms. That looks pretty strange to me. Did he have any missing time?

    • Administrator says:

      The witness had no missing time. Thanks for sharing Shingles symptoms. I just got the new vaccine so I hope that I don’t get it.

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