Woman Felt Compelled to Look at Sky & Sights 5 Orbs.

Location of Sighting: Battle Ground, Washington
Date of Sighting: November 27, 2015
Time of Sighting: 5:45 PM PST



Description: The witness called a few days after her sighting. A friend of mine told her to call me and report the sighting. The witness was in her home watching TV. She “had a feeling to go outside” and look up at the sky. She at first saw an orange object about the size of a star. The object moved and then stopped. She felt like the “star” was looking at her. She saw the star for about 30 seconds. Then the star vanished and 5 very large orange orbs appeared and moved (floated) over the trees. The objects were at first very large (bigger than a full moon). The objects ascended, hovered and ascended more. Then they went into a straight line formation and moved out of sight. The witness snapped a photo after the orbs first ascended. The five orbs were observed for about five minutes.

Note: I spoke at length with the witness. She came across as sincere and honest. She has had several experiences of close encounters with unknown beings and craft. She believes that she may have “implants.” Debunkers need to consider the witness’s experiences before saying anything definitive about the photo.

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