Woman Finds Strange “Implant” “Moving” in Her Hand.

Location of Sighting: Bothell, Washington
Date of Sighting: Photos were taken February 13, 2016



Description: A woman with a history close encounters and an “experiencer” found an strange object (possible implant) in her hand a couple of years ago. The object was originally in her finger, but has shifted downwards in the back of her hand. The photo collage above shows a recent photo of her hand along with observed movement in the past 2 years. Some black white and colored enhancements are also included in the collage.

The witness writes: Here are the pictures of the unknown object in my hand.

hand2edited – I drew a line to where the item was for 2 years to where it moved a couple of weeks ago.

I also circled the object in one picture to show size. It moves around up down and side to side.

I also provided a couple of other items, Black and white and filtered.

Note: I know this witness and she has shared many of her encounters with strange beings and missing time episodes. The witness may have the object removed. If the object is removed, we plan to have it analyzed for elemental composition.

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