Woman Finds Strange Red Grid Marks on Body.

Location of Sighting: Pittsfield, Illinois
Date of Sighting: February 6, 2020
Time of Sighting: 2:28 PM CST (Time Photo Taken)


Description: I researched what I woke up with this morning and found your page. I am baffled because there are no objects in my house that could make these marks. I went to the hospital and they couldn’t explain it and said it’s not a medical condition and that I had to have been shoved up against something sharp or laid on something for a long period of time. 

Additional Comments From Witness: I currently have these exact same marks on my back. I woke up with them and cannot piece together anything that would cause the patter. I own nothing that even looks like it. I went to the hospital to make 100% sure there is nothing wrong and he told me it’s nothing medical and that it was from a pointy object being pressed against my skin for a long period of time or I was shoved against something pointy. Neither of those two things have taken place and especially not from the time I went to bed and then woke up. I can’t recall at all any explanation for it. I am freaked out as well considering what I have found that even matches my marks. It looks as if I was ran over!! By the way it was this morning that Iwoke up this way

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2 Responses to Woman Finds Strange Red Grid Marks on Body.

  1. Keith says:

    I woke up with the same thing on my back along with some other strange events over the last few years. I live in California and have awoken several times to being paralyzed and seeing blurry figures at the foot of my bed. Can you tell me what the grid marks mean?

    • Administrator says:

      I wish that I could explain your grid marks. You are one of the few that recall unusual experiences. Most people with red marks don’t recall any unusual happenings.

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