Woman Hears “Tearing Sound.” Large Red Object Seen That Dissipated.

Location of Sighting: Seattle, Washington
Date of Sighting: February 18, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:55 PM PST

Description: I was in the bathroom in the dark, urinating, about to go to bed. I heard a sudden sound like aluminum in wind shear, like a tearing sound. My bathroom window is opaque. I could see a large red shape to the left of the window. I ran immediately to the kitchen, facing north. I saw a large round red shape going north, very large shape. I ran to the backyard window adjacent and I saw the red shape suddenly dissipate. Logically, this might be some kind of a firework. If not, then I saw some kind of a UFO. As soon as this concluded, the back porch light of my neighbor to the north came on.

Second Report From Witness – Feb 22, 2016: I discovered that my neighbor across the alley in my backyard has a visitor with a large truck. It has red lights all around the cab. On the night when I saw red light, I believe the truck must have knocked down the gutter downspout when trying to park and/or it was driving in the alley and hit something, and kept driving. It’s a big and tall truck with these red lights.

I believe I heard the sound and saw the red light from this truck.

So, alas, not a UFO.

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