Woman Recalls A Presence & Then Wakes Up 15 Hours Later.

Location of Sighting: Springville, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: June 4, 2008
Time of Sighting: 1 AM EDT

Description: I want to start off by saying I’m now 36 years old, female. I also possess a bachelor’s of science, clinical psychology obtained in 2006. This incident occurred in the summer of 2008. During this incidence, I had not consumed alcohol or drugs, prescription or non prescription.

It took several weeks after this incidence for the memories to piece themselves back together.

I recall being awoke by dogs barking. I recall opening my eyes but unable to move, feeling extremely confused and in and out of consciousness. I remember seeing a blinding light, not lights, not several but a steady light, directly into my bedroom window. It was almost so bright that it was blinding. I couldn’t see anything. I remember feeling that something, not so much someone was in the room with me. I remember that I was on my stomach. I never lay or sleep in that position. I could feel someone , a weight a presence on top of me, on my back, I felt as though someone or something was inside me, had entered sexually. I remember fragments, like I was going in and out.

I want to definitely say, I never saw any figures, no shapes and do not recall hearing anything or seeing anyone or anything.

I awoke the next afternoon, approximately 15 hours after I recall going to bed, across the hall in my guest room/changing dressing room. I was naked, in the corner in the fetal position on the floor sleeping. The door was closed and my cat was locked in the room with me. When I looked at her she began to hiss at me. Never once in 10 years did that cat ever hiss once!

I recall being very very disoriented and confused not having any idea how I got there or why I was naked. Especially because I was clothed when I went to sleep.

As I began to come to and realize where I was, I looked over at the door which was closed and every single pair of shoes, which was about 50 were piled in front of the door. The clothes I went to bed in, were gone. I never found them. I walked outside, in the woods, looked in trash, I looked everywhere. It was so strange, I couldn’t explain any of it.

As the day progressed, memories began to recall themselves as stated above. For several days I remained puzzled and a feeling of disorientation lasted. Later that day, I got in the shower. All the the sudden I felt a burning a stinging on the back of my forearm. As I looked at this bizarre mark, I felt that something unexplained had happened. The mark, which was a perfect small circle, looked like it was punched out of my skin. It was like a small tool , a sterile tool had punched a small piece out of my arm. It never got infected or red, which led me to believe it had been done with a sterile instrument. It was not a burn, I had not done it to myself. It took several weeks for it to heal and still to this day almost 12 years later it’s a small perfect circle scar.

If that mark had not been there, I would have assumed sleep paralysis or sleep walking. But the mark, like a surgical sample had been taken, made me believe something other than what psychology can explain.

I don’t think I was abducted or taken. But I do believe and have for almost 15 years that I was visited by extraterrestrials. That they took that stamp of skin for my genetics for a sample of my DNA.

I would also like to add that I have never been sick. I’ve never had chickenpox, my brother had it twice. I have never had the flu and have never taken vaccines. I also was exposed to Hep b years back and never got sick, Instead my immune system made the antibodies. I’ve never had a cold, fever, strep throat or any illness of any kind and have no allergies. Doctors were always amazed and could never explain it. My blood type is RH negative.

I believe that my immune and DNA system is why I was chosen. I guess I’ll never know. I’m ok with that.

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