Woman Recalls Being Taken Aboard Alien Ship.

Location of Sighting: Columbia, South Carolina
Date of Sighting: 1974
Time of Sighting: 6:15 PM Eastern Time

Description: I was rushing to reach the prison’s visiting hours to see my son. I was traveling on Highway 52 within minutes to the place when a bright light hovered over me. I looked to see if the couple on the side of the road was pranking with a spotlight. They were staring with a frightened look. I looked back up and a big round ship with wheels underneath landed and the aliens put me into the ship. It was like a clinic and the alien, a highly intelligent doctor.pointed a long medical device into my leg, pulled it out and the pain that I was suffering disappeared. He asked me if he could visit to work on a project, stating that I must remain clean spiritually). I explained that I had to visit my son so they dropped me back to my car. The prison guards made an exception since my license was from out of state which was a long trip. On the way home my car stalled a few blocks from my aunt’s home, but a strange looking man patiently fixed my battery. It was very late and my mother had walked up to the highway. The aliens were watching me the entire time. They spoke to her in private. Ma thanked them and we went to my aunt’s house. The aliens are our true friends.

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