Woman Recalls Close Encounters With Hovering Craft.

Location of Sighting: Dharwad, Karnataka, India
Date of Sighting: March, 2008 Through November, 2011
Times of Sightings: 7 to 9 PM Local Time

Description: I was in Dharwad, Karnataka India and I have seen UFO spacecraft more than once. From 2008 March April until 2010-11 Nov I have seen the craft in evening between 7 PM to 9 PM just 20 feet to the right side of me. It was just stagnant just 20 feet above ground level and I was on my house roof staring at stars and sky. But I felt something is beside me huge and I looked at it. As it was just looking at me and it didn’t try to move away from me. It was just looking at me. The craft was round with lights of different colors and it was like checking what I was looking in sky stars. It was floating in the air 20 feet distance from me as my roof was of same height.

It was an awesome experience and I thought to bring my mobile to take pictures. By time I came it was still there, but my cell was not operating nor was it able to click pictures. Something had been wrong with cell and then it started to fly with no sound and I ran as much as I could, but it disappeared in sky. Since then it didn’t come to the exact spot. It comes at a specific time. Every time it came I didn’t bother to click as I thought it might be some flash lights, but when I saw it clearly and went to take pictures it stopped coming.

This was my close encounter with UFO and I didn’t knew that there are sites to share our experiences. I read the experience of those 3 boys in Dharwad Karnataka India and hence I thought to confirm the same as it had your email address and website below.

Note: The witness is referring to an older UFO sighting on another blog. The link to this report is not known.

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