Woman Recalls Disk Shaped UFO Sighting.

Location of Sighting: Bell Gardens, California
Date of Sighting: 1986-1988
Time of Sighting: Midnight Pacific Time

Description: I recall in the 1986-88 I was about 8 or 9. I am 35 years old now. I remember seeing an huge object as big as a football field. No made sound and just hovered with many lights. It was at midnight. The entire block came out to see and what was strange is that no one ever reported or talked about it. Why? I strongly believe there is life out there due to my encounter. Other people I came in contact with on Facebook remember as well. I would love to share my story. This is something I would never ever forget. I can proudly say I BELIEVE!

My story follows: It all started when my uncle came knocking on my mother’s house around midnight. He was yelling to please grab all the kids and for all of us to come outside. At the moment we panicked. I found out that everyone in the block came out to stare up in the sky. There was this huge UFO as big as a football field. It had many, many lights. It was hovering silently. It was disk shaped. It was definitely not man made or nature made. It is difficult to describe. It stood there I would say for 3 to 5 minutes and disappeared just like that. At the time I didn’t know anything about UFO’s. But I knew that wasn’t normal. It stood in my mind until this day. I remember as if this was yesterday. My sister remembers as well. Last week I came in contact with a few people that remember that event. These are people that I do not know. They describe just how it happened. Even people from the next block saw the object. I was surprised and shocked to find out a few people from the next block saw it as well. I am waiting to hear from more people. This definitely changes my way of thinking and believe there is definitely something out there. And now that I am way older I would describe it as a disc shape flying saucer 100%. There is no doubt in my mind. This is why I strongly believe.

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