Woman Recalls “Haunting” at Fairchild AFB Housing.

Location of Sighting: Fairchild Air Force Base (Spokane, Washington)
Date of Sighting: Between August, 1991 and March, 1992

Description: Fairchild AFB is the most haunted place I ever lived. We were stationed there only 6 months between August, 1991 and March, 1992. We were in the old housing. In that 6 months my 2 children under 5 talked to a “big teddy bear” named Sinji in the basement. They would tell me that he was big and burnt and he lived in our basement. I also would have a recurring nightmare about men hanging by their wrists naked and me telling my husband to kill them all. I sought out the base shrink because it was so realistic I would wake up and go make sure nobody was dead in the basement. I even secretly wondered if my husband would be able to perform such an act. Which he never could have done unless forced. It was the worst base we ever reported to and I would never go back. The base shrink told me it was pregnancy hormones. I had a baby a month after we got there. After we moved the nightmares went away and the kids never had another imaginary friend again. I have tried to find out if anyone named Sinji was ever there or died there, but no luck. And I sincerely doubt anyone ever killed a basement full of men. But I did have a dream about a girl in a box in NC at Goldsboro AFB and two months after we left there a woman was found in her freezer just a couple blocks from where we lived. If you can find any information about a man named Sinji burned in a fire on Fairchild I would like to know about it.

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2 Responses to Woman Recalls “Haunting” at Fairchild AFB Housing.

  1. Ann says:

    There are some posts on this website below from people who lived at Fairchild Air Force base who experienced ghosts. There’s one at the top and then if you scroll down towards the bottom, another. I only read one page. There may be more.


    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for sending the link. I read the first story. Sounds like some unusual events are occurring in Fairchild AFB. I am sure that the witness also will appreciate your sending the link.

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