Woman Recalls Seeing Strange Being & Missing Time.

Location of Sighting: Between Big Timber & Billings, MT
Date of Sighting: July 10, 1974
Time of Sighting: 1 AM MDT

Description: A woman was driving on I-90 from Big Timber, MT to Billings, MT in July, 1974. It was a warm night and her windows were down. She noticed several rectangular shaped lights each of different color up ahead to the right. She first thought that the lights were from a truck stop. She was staring at the lights and the next thing that she remembers is being at an intersection in Billings waiting for a red light. The location was 60 miles from where she saw the lights. She noticed to her left a brown vehicle with a strange white creature with red eyes that was staring at her. The creature was thin, had long fingers and it’s face was “expressionless.” She stepped on the gas and headed to the police station looking out her rear view mirror to see if the creature was following. It was not following her. She drove around the police station a few times and decided not to report it. The next morning when she was showering she pulled a red sheath out of her naval that looked like blood. She then went to work. She related her story to her family, but never to anyone else until now.

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