Woman Recalls Sighting of Oblong UFO With Her Mother.

Location of Sighting: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Date of Sighting: July or August, 1974
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM CDT

Description: I lived in Eau Claire, WI in 1974 and along with my mother, witnessed a craft moving over the top of the trees above our house. It looked like an airplane with no wings, meaning it was oblong. It was just about dark, around 9:30 in the evening in July or August. We watched as it came around the side of our house, still above the trees and to the front and on over the highway (we live up on a hill right on Highway 53). I crossed the highway and as it came to the other side it was descending. We were terrified because there was only a small bit of woods and then residential areas. We went down on our knees and waited for the crash, or whatever might be coming next as it looked like it was definitely going down. But then nothing. We didn’t see it ascend and we did not see or hear any indication of it going down. As it was going around the side of our house, we were able to see windows with light inside. There were no lights, that I recall, on the outside of the craft. There were silhouettes of what we assumed were people sitting in the windows. Mother and I had just arrived home and were walking from the car to the house when we first saw this moving above our home. After we could not see it anymore, we went inside and Mother called the airport and the police, neither could tell us anything regarding this “plane.” But after that night, it was 25 years before I would remember it! Mom never spoke to me of it, apparently and I had left Wisconsin that same fall and lived out west for many years, only having recently returning to Eau Claire. In the meantime, I had been having recurring nightmares of a plane going down and would wake up just before it hit the ground. On a visit home to Wisconsin one year, I believe it was 2000, Mother started talking about the incident and I told her, no it wasn’t me Mom, must have been one of my siblings. But then the instant I said that it hit me, and the memory came back! I was astonished and thought it so weird that we had not spoken of it in 26 years! But then we did sit down and recalled it together and I never had the nightmare again.

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