Woman Recalls Sighting of Strange “Gecko-Like” Creature.

Location of Sighting: Meade, Washington
Date of Sighting: Summer, 1987
Time of Sighting: Midday

Listen to Recording of Witness Report (YouTube):

Description: A woman recalls seeing a creature hovering in her backyard. The creature resembled a Gecko lizard and was about 6 feet long (not counting tail). The creature had no arms, but had wings. It had mossy green, smooth skin, had a long tail, had white/yellow eyes and the chest cavity appeared to be glowing. The creature communicated telepathically with the witness and said: “Do not be afraid.” The witness was 5 years old when the sighting occurred.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: I subsequently interviewed the witness. The above recording is of the voice-mail message. The witness said that the creature had wings similar to a “sting-ray.” A blue-like glow emanated from the chest cavity and the creature seemed to be somewhat transparent. The witness is in good physical and mental health and is employed in a professional position. The witness also said that the creature was 15 feet long from tail tip to head. The witness said that only her dog was present during the sighting. The dog barked at the creature at first and then when the creature telepathically said: “Do not be afraid, I will not harm you,” the dog quit barking. The witness lost the creature in the trees by her backyard. The witness’s mother believed her and never doubted her story. The witness’s cousin (one year older) had a similar sighting in the same area within a few days of the sighting.

Note: We are attempting to contact the witness for more details. Updates will be posted.

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