Woman Sees 2 Orange Objects Dancing in Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Derrel Victoria, Australia
Date of Sighting: September 14, 2015
Time of Sighting: 4:30 AM Local Time

Description: Hi: I’m not a major believer, but I witnessed something this morning that I can’t make sense of and I am shocked about in some ways. As I was leaving Dereel at 4:30 AM I noticed what I thought must have been a very large star or planet. It was orange, bright orange and round. Then as I came along the highway I noticed there were two. They were dancing in the sky together going away from each other then towards each other. They were up higher then lower close to the paddock. The lights definitely weren’t spot lights or satellites or planes. I have no idea! But I watched them for nearly 10 minutes before I had to rush off to work.

Second Report From Witness: Hi: I just did some research on Chinese lanterns. Do you mean the ones that are on fire and released by people? If so I definitely don’t believe it was these as these two objects danced together, went apart and then came in together. They dipped down then up. I who have a notification up in my town online to see if any locals knew of anything at the start of the week, but no one has come forward yet.

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