Woman Sees Bright Flash. Car Stopped. Lost Nearly 3 Hrs.

Location of Sighting: Gray Court, South Carolina
Date of Sighting: May 7, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11:45 PM EDT

Listen to Clip of Interview With Witness (YouTube):

Description: The witness was driving back to Greenville, SC and while rounding a curve a bright light engulfed her car. At that point her car shut down and wouldn’t start. The time was around 11:45 PM. The next thing that the woman remembers is coming to in her car at the same location and seeing “pitch black.” At that point the time was 2:37 AM. She had lost nearly 3 hours of time. She then started her car and drove to a friend’s house and was quite terrified. At that point her friend called the police. The police came out and told the witness that she saw a “shooting star.” The witness’s friend noted that the witness was shaking and very frightened by her experience. The witness’s friend had attempted to call her on her cell phone and the calls kept going to voice-mail during the “missing time” window. The witness’s cell phone was on and she was in an area with good reception. (The sighting location was only about 8 miles outside of Greenville, SC.) The witness has never had any problem with her car since the incident. The car was operating properly before the incident. (The witness was driving a 1976 Ford Mustang convertible and the top was down at the time of the incident.) The weather was clear and temperatures were quite warm. There were no thunderstorms in the area. The witness noted that the radio now has a lot of static and has not worked good since the incident. The witness stated that the light was so bright that it was blue. She noted a strange rhythmic sound from the light and that her car was shaking. The witness was out late because she was returning after taking a friend home. The witness does not watch UFO shows and doesn’t have cable or satellite TV. She is in good emotional and physical health and does not drink or use drugs. She has no history of seizures. The witness also noted that horses in the nearby field became very “agitated” when the light was present.

Note: I interviewed this witness for over 30 minutes. She has no prior experience and little knowledge about the UFO enigma. I believe that she has had a real experience and may have been “abducted.” This case has all of the ingredients of a close encounter (bright light, stalled vehicle, strange sound and animal excitement. She is still terrified and has had little sleep since the incident. She may seek medical attention. It would be good to test the witness’ car for possible magnetic anomalies. However, given that the incident occurred nearly 3 weeks ago the forensic evidence may be “diluted.”

A check of weather records showed that skies were clear at the time of the sighting. The temperature was 71 degrees and winds were light.

Update – June 2, 2015: I have looked at Doppler (Weather) radar for 3 nearby stations in the Greenville, SC area. No unusual “radar echo” patterns were seen. I have also requested aviation radar data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to see if any unusual returns were detected during the time of the sighting and the “missing time” interval. Updates will be posted.

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  1. Allen ashworth says:

    I live in Greenville, SC, and I have been to grey court. That is a pretty rural area. As far as the UFO phenomenon, SC hasn’t ever really had a big turn out since I lived here or nothing real big until about 10 to 15 years ago. I myself have had a lot of different things happen to me personally growing up, a lot that happened when I was in the presence of friends or siblings which they discount or don’t talk about for their social, or career status.

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